In 2015, Steve opened Right Fit La Grange (BASE), as a Sports & Human Performance training facility to ensure that adults and athletes across the globe, could receive the best in training and programming, to empower their lives, and “create a more resilient world, educated in movement, fueled by produce, and forged by strength”.

Steve Gray, BA, CSCS Founder, Coach

Education, Innovation, Science, Accreditation, RESULTS

Every BASE location is meant to serve as a lab and platform for constant education and innovation in the pursuit of the BEST, SAFEST, and MOST EFFECTIVE training programs for our clients.

Director of Programming is responsible for BASE’s internship program, in-house CEU development, and the accreditation of all in-house programming, as well as personal training.

Sarah Hrehor, MS, CSCS, USAW, Director of Programming, Coach


In-House Developed Training Teams – ABC Coaches

Every session at BASE, is a training session, we do not run classes and “manage movement”, and we do not simply write workouts/cards to be completed by our clients. Every session has a 1:6 coach to athlete ratio, and our training teams are expected to engage, cue, educate, and motivate our members during each session. The WHY’s behind every prescription are a MUST.

Steve Gray, B.A., CSCS
Steve Gray, B.A., CSCSFounder and Coach
Sarah Hrehor, MS, CSCS, USAW
Sarah Hrehor, MS, CSCS, USAWDirector of Programming / Coach
Kyle Wolfe, B.S.
Kyle Wolfe, B.S.Coach
Ryan Collins, B.S. CSCS
Ryan Collins, B.S. CSCSCoach
Steve Sagerstrom, B.S.
Steve Sagerstrom, B.S. Coach
Kyra Chessman, BA, NASM, Pn1
Kyra Chessman, BA, NASM, Pn1Coach
 Brandon Sabanov, B.S., NSCA-CPT
Brandon Sabanov, B.S., NSCA-CPTCoach
Miguel Sanchez, B.S., CSCS
Miguel Sanchez, B.S., CSCSCoach
Elise Ingram, BS
Elise Ingram, BSCoach
Holly Miller, BS, CSCS
Holly Miller, BS, CSCSCoach
Brad LaRocque, BS
Brad LaRocque, BSCoach
Mike McAndrew, BS
Mike McAndrew, BSCoach


We Have Strength And Conditioning Facilities
Employed With Training Specialists
Who Constantly Pursue The Knowledge
To Prescribe The Safest And Most Effective
Fitness And Performance Enhancement Training Programs