In 2015, Steve opened Right Fit La Grange (BASE), as a Sports & Human Performance training facility to ensure that adults and athletes across the globe, could receive the best in training and programming to empower their lives and “create a more resilient world, educated in movement, fueled by produce and forged in strength”

BASE performance and fitness coaches are grown internally, advancing foundational education and accreditations, through movement mastery and technical application for adults and athletes, with the intent of acquiring the ability to execute safe, needs analysis, progression based, customized and results-oriented programs and workout construction

We are in constant pursuit of perfection and master of our craft.


Steve Gray, B.A., CSCS
Steve Gray, B.A., CSCSFounder and Coach
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Steve Sagerstrom, B.S.
Steve Sagerstrom, B.S. Coach
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My name is Steve Sagerstrom. I am a Florida born, Chicago raised guy who loves to motivate, inspire and help all individuals meet their fitness and individual needs!

I grew a strong passion in fitness when I was in the early stages of my athletic career. When I played college football, I truly understood the importance and the impact my trainer gave me and how it positively affected my performance on and off the field.

Mixing my love of fitness, with my passion of helping people, I was fortunate enough to find Base and bring both worlds together!

Base has helped me find what I love to do. I get to work with educated, passionate colleagues that all have the same goal of working together to better our clients and athletes. Our community is what makes the job all worth it!


 Brandon Sabanov, B.S., NSCA-CPT
Brandon Sabanov, B.S., NSCA-CPTCoach
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Having grown up in an athletic household I tried a ton of sports at a young age and was attracted to Soccer the most. Using my athletic background I thought wanted a career training professional athletes. However I’ve grown to realize there are more people in this world who could benefit from my knowledge of developing movement quality and also increasing their performance.

A few things I value in regards to fitness..1) “More is not better, better is better”- Adding weight to your bar doesn’t mean much if the quality of the movement is poor.  2) Mamba Mentality- In order to be the best you must love the process in achieving the goal you’re striving for. Seeking to be a pro-level fitness Coach for all populations (kids, young adults, seniors, etc) but also able to coach young athletes

Took my first steps in the strength and conditioning industry in 2015 during my time at Joliet Junior College w/ an internship  at X-Treme Speed in Plainfield, IL; completed another internship at LIFT- Chicago after I finished my coursework at Eastern Illinois University to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology in 2019; Worked in a “Big-Box” commercial gym from late 2019-March; left due to  (COVID)

Life outside of work: streaming tv shows, video games, concerts, sports (soccer (A LOT of it), basketball (Bulls), spending time with family

I believe in Base because our main priority is providing babe most memorable experience for  anyone who steps in our walls. Our value of connecting with our clients, containing our education, and creating well-rounded in-house trainers is what keeps us as a top-tier strength and conditioning facility. We are caring, adaptive, and cohesive as a unit continuously looking for growth.

Elise Ingram, BS
Elise Ingram, BSCoach
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Elise Ingram

Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL

Education: Class of 2013 from Bolingbrook High School

Class of 2017 from Ball State University. Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.

I have been here at Base since 2017 starting as an intern first to complete 500 hours to finish my undergrad.

I was part of the dance poms team and the volleyball team through high school.

I am very family oriented. My family is very important to me. They are my support team whether they disagree with me or not. But that’s family right?! I am very grateful for them because they give me hope and faith that I can achieve anything in life.

My main philosophy about fitness is to help the individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote proper movement. I know it is cliche to say that keeping active prolongs your life but it is true! I am willing to share my knowledge about fitness and showing care whether it’s in the gym or outside of the gym.

I believe in BASE because there is no other gym like us where we are all educated and have experienced working with all populations. I believe that we have a great foundation into providing the best customer service and making sure our clients will be satisfied achieving their fitness goals.

*Fun Facts*

I really don’t have a favorite food. I pretty much like everything haha. My favorite thing to do is listen to music and go dancing 3 times a week. I like biking every other weekend downtown Chicago.  Also I am an all Chicago teams fan!


Tim Hendricks, BS, NASM
Tim Hendricks, BS, NASMCoach
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Elijah Menich
Elijah MenichCoach
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