BASE is a collaborative and infinite minded model – focused on efficiency, mentorship, and PRODUCTION. We feature a specific and defined chain of command, simplicity in understanding of duties/responsibilities, and reward commitment to systems and “execution”.


Physical Private Training locations: run by in-house developed fitness trainers and performance coaches; our staff is our difference, defined by their infinite commitment to knowledge and innovation. Trainers and coaches will educate, coach, and lead adult and athlete members, seeking results-based programs rooted in science, movement/kinetically optimized cueing, strength, and conditioning.

Members: “Create a more resilient world, educated in movement, fueled by produce, forged in strength”……. All potential athlete and adults clients must complete a 60:00 baseline and boarding day, prior to becoming members, to ensure they are fully committed to the consistency, variance, coaching, and intensity that will be required to achieve desired results – we seek out members desiring the empowerment that can be achieved from “sharpening the saw”, in an attempt to take control and responsibility for their blessed and unique life.

BUILT Programming: Brain, Undulating, Interoception, Load, Tough

BRAIN self organizes reactive and voluntary musculoskeletal action – All our programming is initially rooted in movement coaching/cueing – members will learn to move in 3-planes efficiently, complete compound movements loaded/unloaded, as well as train the CORE, through probably trunk stabilization

UNDULATING – we use block model prescriptions to meet the needs of our adults and athletes – all prescriptions will vary, to align with goals, training history/age, and timelines of members

INTERCEPTION – we understand that the human body is a COMPLEX system of mechanical and chemical reactions…. through breathing, RPR, cold/heat therapy, and dietary choices to reduce body inflammation, we strive to find a greater sense of self, and learn techniques to optimize function

LOAD: SAID – members will strength train, work along the force velocity curve, and be prescribed loads for adaptions TOUGH – Members and coaches will work to develop proactive vs reactive mindset – accountable


I’ve been training at BASE for the past three years and I’ve been in both classes and done individuals with various trainers. You can’t go wrong no matter which trainer you start with! They initially helped me get physically stronger so I could reach my goal of playing AAA hockey. When I struggled with my mental health the trainers at BASE made me feel like I could do anything on days when I felt like doing nothing. More recently they helped me rehab from an injury and regain my confidence in the gym and on the ice. I’m thankful to be part of the BASE family.

Morgan U.

I have been working out at Base Lagrange since June of 2020. Upon my time in the facility I have seen extreme growth in my strength, speed and agility. Base is committed to getting the best out of their athletes. Each class provides a unique focus in getting each athlete ready for there sport whether it’s in- season or off-season. The cycling of programming provides each athlete to adjust to various movements while the face to face trainers allow for the athlete to get the most out of their training. After 3 months of working out at Base, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to Webster University to continue my athletic career in baseball. I would recommend Base Lagrange to any athlete or person who wants to better their life through fitness. If you want clean facilities, amazing coaching, a great atmosphere and most importantly gains, I’d choose Base.

Joey R.

Base is the best! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. I went to Base to help me with some strength and alignment issues after having hip replacement surgery. Base really took me under their wing and took on the challenge, which in turn lead me to having proper body alignment, safe body mechanics, and last but not least putting 20 lbs of muscle on me! Quality gym.

Kyle H.