Foundations for Greater Performance….In SPORTS….In LIFE


Foundations for Greater Performance….In SPORTS….In LIFE

A workout at Base is a terrific way to start my day. The trainers keep the workouts varied in movement and intensity. They take the planning out of which muscle group I should work each day. All the trainers are knowledgeable about fitness, strength training, nutrition and they are entertaining to workout with. I highly recommend this facility if you want to get your sweat on.

Beth Potempa

I have been working out at Base Lagrange since June of 2020. Upon my time in the facility I have seen extreme growth in my strength, speed and agility. Base is committed to getting the best out of their athletes. Each class provides a unique focus in getting each athlete ready for there sport whether it’s in-season or off-season. The cycling of programming provides each athlete to adjust to various movements while the face to face trainers allow for the athlete to get the most out of their training. After 3 months of working out at Base, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to Webster University to continue my athletic career in baseball. I would recommend Base Lagrange to any athlete or person who wants to better their life through fitness. If you want clean facilities, amazing coaching, a great atmosphere and most importantly gains I’d choose Base.

Joey Robinson, LTHS Baseball, Webster University Baseball

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BASE is the elite unit of Right Fit LLC, featuring in-house developed instructors, trainers, performance coaches and specialists who must display the highest standards of education while completing continuous educational and practical development